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Can Vitamin Vodka cure hangovers?

Can Vitamin Vodka cure hangovers?
Vitamin-infused vodka is back, and this time it’s organic. It's the latest novel nutrient delivery method.

A vodka that’s also a tonic? And organic?

Why yes, say the makers of Vitamin Vodka, who claim their beverage is “the purest of pure spirits,” infused with vitamins that will, wait for it…prevent hangovers.

After all, why should red wine get all the health claims?

Australian Darryl Tombleson of The Vitamin Alcohol Company introduced “the world’s first and only vitamin-infused organic vodka.”

If vodka with vitamins rings a dim bell in the fuzzy back alleys of your brain, it’s not just a memory of another brilliant idea you hatched after a late night with Grey Goose. In 2007, a San-Francisco based brand called Lotus Vodka launched a vitamin vodka with B vitamins and even a version of an “energy vodka” with caffeine, taurine and guarana, reports Munchies recalled that Lotus creator, “Rob Bailey, told Newsweek at the time: ‘Alcohol is bad for you, ours is just slightly less bad.’ (Dr. R. Curtis Ellison, a professor of medicine at Boston University, countered, ‘People should not drink wine or alcohol for their health … It’s like putting vitamins in cigarettes. That’s stupid.’)”

Lotus failed to blossom. Will Vitamin Vodka fare any better? After all, it is organic vitamin-infused vodka. Plus, it’s made from organic Australian sugarcane and the pure mountain waters of the Hunter Valley, diamond-filtered and traditionally distilled not once, but 12 times in copper pots. Doesn’t that just sound good-for-you? It’s the vitamins, however, that beat the hangover, claim the manufacturers, who aren’t too specific about exactly which vitamins they are.

Here’s what Bradley Mitton, The Vitamin Alcohol Company’s European business manager, told Munchies had to say about how the spirit works: “The vitamins help supplement some of the nutrients lost when drinking alcohol. Vitamins B, C, and K are used in Vitamin Vodka. The B and C vitamins assist with hydration, as it’s primarily dehydration that creates a hangover. You consume the equivalent of one multivitamin in every four shots.”

Additionally, says Mitton, that fine Australian sugarcane helps retain the slow vitamin release, which in turn offsets the alcohol affecting the vitamin absorption. Hmmm. Well, one can dream. And toast to those who are working to make this kind of thing a reality. Bless their thirsty hearts. While you can’t yet toast in the U.S. with a chilled tumbler of Vitamin Vodka (it’s only sold in Europe, and the U.S. regulatory authorities do not look kindly upon spirits containing any health benefits whatsoever), you can (almost) hoist a Brewtein, a protein-packed “fitness beer” that  reports is gaining traction on Kickstarter.

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