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#Next4Cast Tweet Chat: gaze into natural's crystal ball

#Next4Cast Tweet Chat: gaze into natural's crystal ball

Last week, industry influencers joined @newhope360 and @NEXTforecast for an intriguing Tweet Chat to discuss the future of the natural products industry as they're seeing and shaping it. Those who missed it need not fear of being left in the dark and/or dust!

We've got our questions, participants and a full transcript of the 8.15.2013 event. To learn more about or to purchase the NEXT Forecast 2014, visit For a discount code, email [email protected].


  1. What organizations do you believe are role models for growth and authenticity?
  2. How would you characterize the state of innovation within the natural products market?
  3. How is your organization attempting to "revert in forward-thinking ways"? (aka ancient wisdom)
  4. How is your organization experiencing & responding to this shift toward transcendent transparency?
  5. What are your favorite examples of raw/minimalist messaging today?
  6. How are you and your company responding to this new normal where sustainability is becoming mandatory?
  7. How are you/your organization actively working to drive the future growth for organic?
  8. How are you/your organization connecting with the new beyond-price values driving shopper behavior?
  9. In what ways have you seen smart money align with the values of the natural products landscape? (crowdfunding, mission-driven investments)
  10. How is your brand attempting to offer intelligent customization to win over Millenials?


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  • @CaboChips
  • @nysuperfoods
  • @RubysRockets
  • @DLG_FT_Naturals
  • @Rutaesomn
  • @DrinkSeva
  • @Squarebars
  • @EPICbar
  • @MaisonLeGrand
  • @deliciousliving
  • @AuraCacia
  • @JanetMP
  • @kb33
  • @NumiTea
  • @cnnrlnk
  • @naturalwit
  • @JennaBlumenfeld
  • @nutritionbizjrl
  • @carlottamast
  • @Jessica_Rubino
  • @OneDegreeFoods
  • @allmybrush
  • @JuteMarketing
  • @ElisaBosley
  • @nfm_mag
  • @kblackwell
  • @thekbarr
  • @SteviaFirstCorp
  • @QuinnPopcorn
  • @Engredea
  • @KappermanC
  • @groovygreenlivi
  • @CalifiaFarms
  • @RooibeeRedTea
  • @BDNutritional
  • @zenfarmersays
  • @NurturMe

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