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Q&A: Dirty Lemon CEO Zak Normandin on branding, detoxing

Have no fear, pizza-eating Millennial. Dirty Lemon is here. Learn how the new detox beverage rocks Instagram with Millennial-friendly branding.

Dirty Lemon's Instagram feed is a curation of cool.

From leggy models eating Chinese takeout to filtered images of breakfast foods (donuts, waffles, croissants, oh my!), the new activated charcoal-infused beverage wins at appealing to Millennials, the darlings of the marketing world born between 1982 and 2000.

Not only are Millennials averse to traditional advertising platforms−think pandering television commercials−but also they're inconsistent when it comes to health, according to research piloted by New Hope Natural Media. Millennials go out drinking but run early the next morning; they eat a kale salad for lunch but have Shake Shack for dinner.

In addition to being just a text message away (users can re-order the beverage via texting a number printed on the bottle), Dirty Lemon caters to such fluctuating sentiments about health with branding that acknowledges diet shortcomings−and pokes fun at the expectation visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest promote. For example, the cheeky caption for one photo depicting a healthy breakfast reads, "We know this is not what you had for breakfast. You had bacon...We get it. Life is not a cleanse."

[Photos: Dirty Lemon, @dirtylemondetox]

Here, Dirty Lemon co-founder and CEO Zak Normandin talks branding, detoxing and healthy living in a world filled with, well, donuts, waffles and croissants.

newhope360: Dirty Lemon is extremely active on Instagram. Was the original goal to market to Millennials?

Zak Normandin: Our branding and aesthetic is clearly focused on the Millennial consumer, but we believe our reach with the product isn't limited to that demographic exclusively. As Instagram continues to become a powerful tool for influencers (in every category and demographic) worldwide, we're doubling-down our marketing efforts with the platform as a way to drive awareness, trusting that with focused, exciting content we'll attract a broad customer group to the Dirty Lemon brand.

nh360: Dirty Lemon is unique from other cold-pressed juices because it understands that sometimes young people are very healthy−and sometimes they indulge in nights out and unhealthy foods. What's the benefit in taking this approach to health?

ZN: Even the hardcore juicing and fitness community would agree that balance is the key to true health. We are in no way advocating for an excessive, unhealthy lifestyle, but instead acknowledging that everyone cheats from time to time, and that indulgence is okay in small doses.

By way of our ingredients, we're doing the heavy lifting and providing a detox that tips the scales in your favor (balance) without restricting your lifestyle.

nh360: Why activated charcoal?

ZN: Activated charcoal is a powerful absorptive ingredient that has been used in medical settings for hundreds of years. Most common use is as a cure for stomach ailments and a way to treat poison overdose by removing toxins. Naturally, as knowledge of the ingredient increases, we're seeing a lot of new customers who are genuinely interested in trying the product and testing these claims.

Our Raw Detox pairs activated charcoal with cold-pressed lemon juice, organic ginger and organic dandelion root. These ingredients combined contribute to natural detox, healthy digestion and improved kidney and liver function−all without lifestyle restrictions or rigid diet programs.

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