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Blue Pacific Flavors gets Non-GMO Project Verified

Blue Pacific Flavors gets Non-GMO Project Verified
Project reviewed and approved five flavor products;13 more are in process of verification.

Blue Pacific Flavors receives product verification from Non-GMO Project Verified. The Project reviewed and approved five flavor products by Blue Pacific according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance. Thirteen additional products are in process for verification.

The Non-GMO Project Verified-approved products include Natural Peach with other natural flavors (WONF); Natural Strawberry WONF; Natural Vanilla WONF; Natural Coffee Concentrate; and Synature(TM) Beverage Enhancer, a natural flavor modifier.

The natural peach and strawberry flavors are from Blue Pacific's Farm to Flavor® portfolio of whole food and plant-based ingredients sourced from California farms. Blue Pacific's Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors utilize natural fruit extractives and essences created through partnerships with local California growers and fruit juice processors. The line of natural flavors are based on analysis of unique heirloom fruit varietals to create authentic flavors that resemble the complex and diverse taste of fruits found in California farmers markets.

Blue Pacific is a leader in creative natural and organic compliant fruit flavors and sweet flavor delivery to a wide range of food applications including beverages, fruit preparations, dairy (yogurt and milk), soymilk, plant-based milks, ice cream, frozen desserts, bakery and nutritional foods and confectionery products. Its proprietary flavor platforms include Farm to Flavor® Whole Fruit Flavors, hortRealfruit(TM) True-to-Fruit Flavors and Heirloom Sun-Ripened Fruit Flavors.

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