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Comax raises the bar with spirit flavors

Comax raises the bar with spirit flavors
Amaretto, beer, tequila, champagne, cognac, red wine and more.

Professional chefs know that a dash of alcohol added to any dish unleashes a greater depth of flavor. “Spirited” flavors are growing in popularity throughout the culinary world, adding aroma and taste that jazzes up any cuisine. Comax Flavors is ahead of this trend offering alcohol flavors that can transform everyday food and beverage products for the most sophisticated palate.  

Comax Flavors presents well-known alcohol flavors such as Amaretto, Beer, Tequila, Champagne, Cognac, Red Wine, White Wine, Rum, Grand Marnier and more. This broad array of edgy flavors is application ready for a wide variety of food and beverages. 

“Alcohol flavors heighten the taste profile of foods and beverages as well as adding a unique twist to standard flavors,” stated Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications at Comax Flavors. “Adding Amaretto Flavor to iced tea or Tequila Flavor to cupcakes is on par with today’s flavor-focused consumer expectations.”  

In addition to offering alcohol flavors for food and beverages, Comax also offers an extensive list of flavors that can be added to beers, wines, spirits and RTD beverages. The flavored beverage revolution continues to surge and Comax offers many ways for manufacturers to target key customers with unique flavors, sweetener enhancers, stevia maskers and alcohol favors that will set their product launches on the fast track to success.


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