Givaudan introduces TasteSolutions Richness

New technology includes a complex blend of taste and aroma components that work together to provide an authentic flavor profile for consumers.

Leading global flavor company Givaudan announced the launch of TasteSolutions™ Richness, a new generation of flavors for the food manufacturing industry. The new technology includes a complex blend of taste and aroma components which work together to provide an authentic flavor profile for consumers, and offers a multi-layering of flavors beyond the traditional ingredients used in food service concepts, snacks and ready meals. 

TasteSolutions Richness is a remarkable innovation in taste that brings the time dimension back to prepared foods—recreating the taste complexity from traditional cooking techniques achieved through slow cooking and multi-step cooking processes into a new flavor approach. These Richness flavors allow for the creation of prepared foods that retain the balance and authenticity of home-cooked dishes while meeting today’s demand for convenience. The offering applies principally to chicken and beef and will be expanded to include other key areas such as cheese, dairy and vegetables.

“This new technology ushers in a revolution in Givaudan’s taste capabilities, going beyond aroma to redefining the taste dimension as part of the flavor design,” said Laith Wahbi, global product manager savoury taste at Givaudan. “In crafting a complex and multilayered identity, we’re able to provide solutions that bring back the real taste experience at shelf.” 

The timing of this launch appropriately coincides with Givaudan’s 2014 ChefsCouncil™ taking place this week in New York City as TasteSolutions™ Richness all started with inspiration and discovery from previous ChefsCouncil™ events.  Focusing on the culinary exploration of taste, Givaudan chefs, flavorists and scientists have partnered with world-leading chefs, to investigate taste effects in food, and translate the experience from haute restaurant cuisine to convenience products. TasteSolutions Richness is a direct result of the learning gained through the ongoing collaboration with ChefsCouncil chefs, demonstrating Givaudan’s ability to continuously turn knowledge into tangible products and customer value.

“Richness involves recreating the taste matrix of food to provide a depth of flavor and mouthfeel consumers recognize” said Nikki Karani, global marketing head savoury, Givaudan. “TasteSolutions Richness represents a real breakthrough in our Savoury capabilities and other areas as well. Consumers are demanding more sophisticated flavor profiles and through Richness we can now more accurately translate the culinary experience into soups, sauces or snack seasonings”.

The intense and complete taste experience provided by TasteSolutions Richness has also enhanced health and wellness innovation. By designing flavors with the added dimension of taste and Richness in addition to aroma, an intense, complete taste experience is delivered, particularly in low sodium formulations. As yet another exciting breakthrough development from the company, TasteSolutions Richness enables Givaudan to embrace all dimensions of the culinary experience in its flavor solutions, bringing back the taste of home cooking to convenience food.  

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