Maverick Innovations to launch at IFT Chicago

Maverick Innovations to launch at IFT Chicago

Steve Pearce, established international flavorist who recreated the "smell of space" for NASA, announces new company.

Maverick Innovations, a North Carolina based company specializing in natural ingredients and flavors, will officially launch at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, July 13 to 16. With over 20,000 of the world's top food science and technology professionals attending, IFT is the perfect venue for Maverick to introduce their high-performance organic ingredients.

Maverick Innovations is a sister company to Omega Ingredients, which has a solid reputation for sourcing the most unusual and hard-to-find ingredients in the world, as well as implementing unique projects. For example, its recreated "the smell of space" for a NASA astronaut training project and "the smell of Cleopatra's hair" as part of an international art venture. Building on that success, Maverick specializes in creating bespoke flavors, including flavors that enhance, sweeten and mask. The company’s expertise centers on solving technical challenges and creating breakthrough, trend-setting flavors and formulations. Maverick's innovative product line includes organic fruit and vegetable extracts, essential oils, absolutes and concretes; natural and dried extracts; fruit distillates and extracts; and natural aroma chemicals.

"Built on over 30 years of sector expertise, we are dedicated to delivering superior products as well as unmatched technical assistance," stated Steve Pearce, CEO of Maverick Innovations. "Our unique ingredient creations cater to companies who demand and need breakthrough options and the very best in natural flavors."

In addition to his company launch at IFT, Pearce earned IFT's notable designation of Certified Food Scientist (CFS). Candidates are required to pass a rigorous exam and have a qualifying degree before gaining this status. Pearce, along with the others in the CFS inaugural class, will be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

Maverick Innovations will be located at IFT Booth #2938. Company experts, information and sample products will be on hand for visitors.

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