New Soy Beverage Now Available: Indulgent Soy

There are a lot of soy beverages on the market, but Indulgent Soy is the culmination of the craft. The result of an unprecedented collaboration between the top experts in the field, Indulgent Soy will help marketing companies leverage the growing popularity of soy with a beverage they can tailor to their own needs or sell as is under their own label.

Indulgent Soy represents unprecedented collaboration by the top companies in the soy industry to bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in creating the latest in premium soy beverages. Devansoy, along with Virginia Dare, FMCBioPolymers and Berner Foods are experts in their respective fields, providing the latest technologies in soy base, flavors, stabilizers and single serve glass bottles, and enabling brands the opportunity to leverage the growing soy foods category.

From “Rich Coffee”, to Vanilla Chai, “Mixed Berry”, “Dark Chocolate” and more, Indulgent Soy can accelerate companies’ market introduction of great tasting, healthy and premium foods.

Companies can market Indulgent Soy as is, or add their individual twist.

Advantages of Indulgent Soy include:

Cost effectiveness: Indulgent Soy masters the art of packaged soy, they help manage process and cost in ways other simply cant.

It’s a package. Speed to market with help in development

Meets top issues driving industry forward* - healthy nutrition, convenience and premuimization
The four partners areas of expertise are:

Berner Foods: premium glass bottling

Devansoy: high quality, non-GMO and organic soy ingredients for nearly 20 years

FMC Biopolymers: leader in development and implementation of ingredients that improve the structure, texture and stability of foods.

Virginia Dare: flavor modification for beverages and nutritional products

For more information contact Elmer Schettler at 712-792-9665

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