NP Nutra debuts dragonfruit, jabuticaba

NP Nutra debuts dragonfruit, jabuticaba

New flavors of dried fruit juice powder work well in a variety of applications.

NP Nutra is launching two exciting new ingredients at the Engredea 2014 show at the Anaheim Convention Center March 7 to 9.

Also known as pitaya, dragonfruit is a distinctively colorful fruit. Containing vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, dragonfruit is a true treasure house of healthful benefits. NP Nutra’s Dragonfruit P.E. 10:1 is produced at our state-of-the-art facility in East Asia. This water-soluble dragonfruit extract has many possible applications including supplements, smoothie mixes, ice creams and baked goods.

Another up-and-coming ingredient is jabuticaba, which is native to south eastern Brazil. Jabuticaba's striking color and delicate flavor impart unique qualities to jams, jellies, ice creams and wines. Jabuticaba makes a refreshing juice drink with a flavor that is compared to grape, blackcurrant, lychee, mangosteen and guava.

Several potent antioxidant compounds have been isolated from jabuticaba fruit, including jaboticabin, a new depside unique to jabuticaba. While jaboticabin is being studied for skin applications, it is also a good source of vitamin C.

NP Nutra offers a water-soluble Jabuticaba Juice Powder with a multitude of applications.

Please visit us at our booth 201 to see our full line of organic, superfruit and alkalizing ingredients. As always, we will be giving free gifts to every visitor including delicious Hawaiian Toffee and our attractive 2014 calendar. We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.


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