NPI Bites Review: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Gold Standard has released three limited edition flavors of their product for the upcoming holiday season. Now available (while supplies last) are Eggnog, Sugar Cookie and Apple Pie. This review will cover the latter two flavors specifically, but will cover information that remains true for all of the 100% Whey Gold Standard flavors.

To test the product, I mixed it together with different liquids in order to get a better idea of how versatile the powder is. The sugar cookie, when mixed with milk, tasted exactly like cookies in milk. The flavor was exactly what I had imagined it would be upon reading the label, definitely a cause for excitement after years of being misled by flavor claims (think watermelon-flavor candy, and how it tastes nothing like an actual watermelon.)

The apple pie flavor has a taste much better than the powder smells, which is good since you’ll be drinking it and not using it as an air freshener. The taste carries an unmistakable apple pie/cinnamon flavor which is quite pleasant.

When mixed with water, the powder seems to lose a bit of the flavor. If you want the full taste experience from this whey, I suggest using it in milk (or soymilk if you don’t drink dairy) for the optimum taste.

Optimum Nutrition’s website charges $35.99 for a two pound container of the product, though I have seen it listed on other sites at a slightly lower price. It should be noted that these holiday flavors are only available in the two pound containers.

One of the other appealing qualities of this product is the variety of flavors. If the holiday tastes don’t appeal to you, there are more than ten other flavors to choose from, including banana cream, mocha cappuccino and even tropical punch. Many of these other flavors are available in bigger or smaller quantities than the two pound containers.

Unfortunately time constraints do not allow for a long-term review to speak of how well the product works, but that would also require a regular workout routine and balanced diet. When it boils down to the bare facts, the product has proven itself with many awards, and tastes great (presuming you like the flavor to begin with.)

Overall, this product seems to be a good value. A wide variety of flavors and size amounts to choose from, numerous awards backing their product, and overall good taste that doesn’t sit heavily in liquid makes 100% Whey Gold Standard a definite must-have product for anyone interested in whey protein.

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