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Sensient Flavors debuts cherry line

Sensient Flavors debuts cherry line
Natural and true-to-type varietal cherry flavors allow food and beverage manufacturers to create products with multiple cherry profiles.

Sensient Flavors LLC, one of the world’s leading flavor companies, has introduced a new line of natural and true-to-type varietal cherry flavors. These flavors allow manufacturers to create products with multiple cherry profiles suitable for a variety of food and beverage applications.

“Sensient’s cherry flavor portfolio was developed to address increasing consumer desire for pure and natural fruit varietals as a means of diversifying diets and embracing positive nutrition,” said Teresa Olah, marketing manager, flavor systems at Sensient Flavors LLC. “Consumers are looking for more interesting options beyond ordinary fruits and vegetables; they are now drawn to fruit varietals and the flavor nuances they offer. Cherries are known for playing a role in sweet drinks or as a pastry filling, but now they’re getting extra attention as consumers continue to explore versatile, flavorful and healthy food and drink options.”

The range of natural and true-to-type varietal cherry flavors was created utilizing Sensient’s advanced proprietary flavor development technologies. Extensive sensory analysis and profiling was conducted to ensure that the true essence of each varietal was captured.

The portfolio of varietal cherry flavors includes:

  • Attika—sweet and tangy flavor profile with high almond and floral notes
  • Black Cherry—sweet and very light floral flavor profile
  • Duke—sweet and mild flavor profile with a blend of sour and soft almond notes
  • Maraschino—preserved and sweetened cherry with strong floral and sweet aromatic notes
  • Morello—sour and acidic flavor profile
  • Wild Cherry—soft floral flavor profile paired with sweet, fruity notes



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