Natural Foods Merchandiser

5 new enhanced waters deliver flavor and function

By Kelsey Blackwell

Although enhanced waters first made a splash in the early 2000s (remember Vitamin Water’s launch?), consumers are once again popping the top on this category. Nutrition Business Journal estimates functional sodas, water, and sport and energy drink sales grew 10 percent to $15 billion in 2010. In addition to options that deliver functional benefits, consumers are now also reaching for flavor-infused waters. Even though they don’t necessarily deliver added nutrients, enhanced waters serve as more interesting alternatives to bottled water and—bonus—often double as cocktail mixers. However, functional options certainly haven’t dried up. In addition to delivering interesting new flavors, the latest product launches also pack unexpected nutritional additions, such as spicy capsaicin and even fiber. Here are a few buzz-worthy options to consider for your store.

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