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6 organic, gourmet baby foods for parents on the go

Move over mashed peas and carrots—today’s tykes are noshing on sophisticated fruit and vegetable medleys, such as beets, cranberries and lavender, and spinach, kale and mint. And although the classic flavors remain, they’re dressed up with more flavorful, whole-food ingredients to mirror parents’ palates and to introduce youngsters to nutrient-dense foods at an early age.

Many moms and dads are also saying “out with the old” to single-serve glass jars. BPA-free pouches, beloved for their portability and self-feed capabilities, are exploding in popularity. Lightweight pouches also benefit manufacturers by allowing up to nine times more product per truckload compared to glass jars, according to manufacturers. This packaging also gives retailers additional shelf space to offer more options per aisle.

Because Mom and Dad want to feed young eaters the best products, a good baby food and snack section should feature many organic items. U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic certification continues to grow in this category—especially among conventional brands—and will likely become a main sales driver in the next five years, Mintel predicts. Here are six new baby foods and snacks to try in your store.

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