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Aristo Health Inc. Signs Trademark License Agreement to Co-Brand With MEG-3®

September 25, 2006, Morristown, New Jersey - Aristo Health Inc., a new generation health and wellness company, specializing in functional foods and beverages, is pleased to announce that they have signed a trademark license agreement with Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC). This agreement enables Aristo Health to use ONC’s MEG-3® brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA healthy food ingredient in their new line of adult and kids’ nutrition bars to be marketed under the Aristo™ brand name.

Gursh Bindra, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Aristo Health said, “We're very proud to carry the MEG-3® logo on our upcoming product launches and in our promotional material as it conveys the quality of our ingredients and their suppliers.” Aristo Health plans to introduce a range of functional foods and beverages, which will contain MEG-3® Omega-3 EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) from fish oil. Bindra continued, “The Powder-loc™ technology ONC uses to create the MEG-3® healthy food ingredient will allow us to include this highly nutritious, bio-available ingredient in our great tasting products without changing the taste or smell.”

EPA and DHA are the physiologically essential fatty acids shown to be important for good health and normal growth and development. Many scientific studies have shown that DHA plays an essential role in the normal development of the brain, eyes, and nerves while EPA provides benefit for joint mobility. Together, EPA and DHA support overall heart health.

Ian Lucas, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales with ONC, said, “The MEG-3® brand and logo were created so consumers would know from the product packaging that the product they are buying contains the highest quality and most trusted source of EPA and DHA from fish oil. We are extremely happy to sign this licensing agreement with Aristo Health and have them join our roster of trusted clients.”

The health and wellness industry is experiencing tremendous growth due to consumers’ desire to take individual responsibility for improving their health. Market research has also shown that people are starting to become more aware of health concerns and would prefer to get their preventive nutrition from foods rather than the inconvenience of tablets and capsules.

Aristo Health aims to formulate, develop, and launch food products and supplements that leverage recent advances in nutritional science, including the use of key functional ingredients, which if consumed on a regular basis will promote health and help prevent chronic disease.

Aristo’s growth strategy will include the introduction and rapid commercialization of a line of great-tasting products including nutrition bars, health tonics, and beverages as well as specialized combinations of dietary supplements formulated to promote energy/vitality, immunity, anti-aging rejuvenation as well as cardio-protective health.

About Aristo Health Inc:

Aristo Health is a privately held, health and wellness company, based in Morristown, New Jersey. USA.


For more information, please call 1-973-656-0022 or e-mail

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