Capsugel Launches New Natural Colorants for Capsules

Capsugel Launches New Natural Colorants for Capsules

Capsugel, the world’s leading supplier of dosage form solutions, has announced its new line of natural colorants for capsules available for the Americas region.

“With consumer preference and awareness of ‘natural’ claims at an all-time high, we are focused on providing more options to strengthen the appeal of our customers’ products,” says Mark Vieceli, Manager of Marketing & Business Development for Capsugel’s Americas region.

The marketing opportunity for products that utilize natural colorants is being driven by the same consumer preference for natural over synthetic ingredients occurring for foods and cosmetics. “Natural colorants are an opportunity for natural products marketers to expand their premium product offerings,” adds Vieceli. “Capsules are already preservative-free, starch-free, and gluten-free. Now, customers can add ‘no artificial colors’ to their list of product claims.”

Under the heading “Naturally Beautiful,” a palette of 16 natural capsule colors first debuted at the 2009 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. The rainbow of colors included Plum Punch, Ocean Blue, Candy Apple and Kiwi Pearl.

Natural ingredients such as caramel, riboflavin, carmine and spirulina were used to create the initial color spectrum. These natural dyes come from a variety of sources. For example, spirulina is sourced from the blue-green algae plant of the same name. Caramel is a brownish color produced through heat-treatment of corn syrup or sugar. And riboflavin is an orange-yellow compound in the vitamin B complex that naturally occurs in foods such vegetables and milk.

To add further product differentiation, these colors can be made opaque when combined with titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral. The colors can also be given a pearled effect when combined with all-natural Candurin® pigment.

“We are pleased to add this offering to our product line,” Vieceli concludes. “It is impressive to have such vibrant natural colors that are comparable to synthetic dyes. We have received very positive responses from the market.”

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