China's Beverage Industry Set to Grow, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, predicts China's beverage industry development trends.

First, functional changes to nutrition

With Red Bull as the representative, functional beverages represent nearly 10 years in the domestic Chinese market, and while brand awareness is very high, market share is not high. However, the rising star of Wanglaoji, although its orientation is different from Red Bull, has a unique positioning and has become famous overnight.

So with the rising living standards and growing health consciousness, the future beverage development will shift from functional to the nutrition, as nutrition drinks will be more welcomed and favored by consumers.

Second, single type transfers to complex types

Huiyuan juice-based drinks have become the leading juice drinks brand, but with the diversity of consumer demand, it will gradually move from one type to complex changes. For example, Huiyuan fruit and vegetable complex beverage sales are good in the market, and it is very popular among consumers.

Third, personal consumption changes to household consumption

Chinese people's consumption concept has changed, consumers' consumption awareness will from differ from the traditional, conservative to a more open style. Himfr's market research shows that in the 500 consumers surveyed, 85 percent of people pay more attention to family, so the future beverage development, personal consumption will gradually turn to a family consumption. Big package, family types of product will be more popular.

Fourth, fruit beverages change to vegetable beverages

Over the years, various fruit juice beverages have dominated the market, but the emphasis is shifting to vegetable drinks. With consumers demanding variety, and the consumer awareness of health elements that can replenish a body's vitamins, which most fruit juices cannot, such as iron, zinc and calcium, vegetable juices will become more popular.

Himfr points out that China's beverage industry is the high-growth industry. Mature beverages grow stable, the new hot spots gradually emerge, and new beverage products grow faster. With China's sustained and rapid economic development, beverage industry will further turn to healthy development, and the beverage industry will continue to increase demand, production capacity will expand largely, and production structure will further be enhanced and optimized.

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