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Wondering what's on tap for '09 beverage trends? Kimberly Charles from Charles Communications in San Francisco served up these ideas at the 2009 San Francisco Trends Think Tank conference:

Going green. Organic, biodynamic, fair trade and sustainable offerings are continuing their upswing. It's becoming more of a standard than a specialty.

Alternative packaging. Tasty, affordable wines are showing up in trendy, modern-designed boxes, tetra paks, aluminum bottles and lightweight glass.

Raise the wine bar. Wine bars are the coffee bars of the 2000s. Wine bar concepts are exploding around the country.

Vintage cocktails. Obscure, once-forgotten spirits are coming back due to high-end cocktailians mixing it up from coast to coast.

Here come the millennials. This is the most influential group to affect the world of beverages. Many are price-resistant, well-traveled and Internet savvy.

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