Emmi Launches LACTO TAB

With LACTO TAB, Emmi has presented a new-generation beverage and packaging concept in the drinks market. The performance drink LACTO TAB, which is based on milk serum, is enriched with the coenzyme Q10 as well as various vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients are enclosed in tablet form in a blister inside the lid of the bottle, and do not enter the milk serum until just before the drink is consumed. This means that the micronutrients, which are sensitive to light and oxygen, are protected. Available in four different varieties, LACTO TAB with the 'energy vitamin' Q10 is targeted at a wide audience, as well as being low-calorie and lactose-free, which makes it very easy to digest. This latest innovation concept from Emmi will be launched in Switzerland and key European markets during the summer.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a balanced diet, and Emmi has spent years responding to this long-term trend with a series of innovative products. With LACTO TAB, Emmi has developed a beverage concept that – with regard to its composition, the underlying technology and the packaging concept – can truly be defined as a state-of-the-art innovation in the drinks sector. The healthy basis of LACTO TAB is formed by milk serum (lactoserum) and a tablet integrated into the bottle with the coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like nutritional supplement. Thanks to a sealing technology that is considered a world first and has been patented by Emmi, the micronutrient Q10 is added to and dissolved in the milk serum. This enables the active substances to be dosed highly accurately and mixed into the milk serum and consumed as a drink without any loss of benefit. Emmi has developed this solution with the tablet because valuable micronutrients such as Q10 and vitamins break down rapidly when exposed to light and oxygen.

Coenzyme Q10 available in drink form for the first time
With LACTO TAB, the coenzyme Q10 is available for the first time in drink form as a low-calorie performance drink based on natural milk serum. Vitamin-like Q10 is becoming increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement and – in Japan and the USA – is already one of the most frequently sold nutritional supplements. In combination with milk serum, which is highly important from the perspective of nutrition physiology, LACTO TAB is an ideal refreshing drink. "We are convinced that this innovative beverage concept has great potential and will represent a valuable addition to our range on the market," says Erich Kienle, Head of Marketing Fresh Products and International at Emmi.

This latest Emmi innovation is available in four options - Sport & Body, Energy & Brain, Mineral and Vitamin Plus - in a handy 470 ml bottle. While Energy & Brain is suitable for periods of intense concentration, Sport & Body is particularly suited to providing energy rapidly over the medium term during physical activity. Containing calcium and magnesium, Mineral, on the other hand, supports the body in its relaxation phase and Vitamin Plus contains the valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed by the body. The LACTO TAB concept supports people in all stages of life, both while facing increased demands on their performance and while taking well-earned breaks.

The combined product and packaging idea truly represents a new generation on the beverage market, and reinforces the innovative strength of Emmi in the development and marketing of lifestyle and convenience products. Following on from Aktifit, Benecol (can help to reduce cholesterol levels) and Evolus (can help to reduce high blood pressure), Emmi's LACTO TAB is now the fourth product line in the functional food segment.

LACTO TAB, presented at a media information event in Lucerne, will be launched this summer in the retail trade in Switzerland and gradually rolled out in key European markets such as France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain, Austria and Portugal, and in further distributions channels such as petrol stations and kiosks.

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