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Fenchem Offers Portfolio of Products For Functional Foods and Beverages

To accommodate the fast growth of the functional food and beverage market, Fenchem has been focusing on the development of functional ingredients to be applied in food products, such as natural antioxidants, In-fibre™ inulin and Liveflax&ttrade; flax lignan. Natural antioxidants include TOCOVET® natural vitamin E succinate, G-Tea™ green tea extract, Grapurit™ grape seed extract and Pomgreat&trade pomegranate extract. These natural antioxidants are ideal substitutes for artificial antioxidants due to health concerns over their use in foods and beverages. In-fibre™ is a dietary fibre targeting digestive health ideally suited for applications in dairy, bakery, beverages and cereals. Liveflax™ is a water soluble phytoestrogen targeting women's health as an alternative to soy isoflavones.

Fenchem’s USA branch Fenchem Inc was launched in Chino CA USA last year to promote functional food ingredients in the US. The facility endures Fenchem has a large warehousing system in the US, which will make products more price-competitive and the products will reach customers' warehouses within two to three days throughout the entire North American market. The competitive price and fast delivery are keys for our successful development in this market.

In the past year, functional foods and beverages have signficantly increased in the US market. Fenchem expects to play a key role in this field. Morever, Fenchem is specialized in the development of value-added nutritional ingredients to be ideally used in foods and beverages.

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