Glanbia Nutritionals Offers More Than Ingredients for Nutritional Beverages

Glanbia Nutritionals is unveiling a comprehensive range of chilled beverage prototypes at this year’s SupplySide West, to demonstrate how, by working in close collaboration with nutritional companies, it brings added value to the new product innovation process, from concept ideation and piloting to full-scale production.

The ProNOS RTD Protein Shake is a good example of a beverage completely designed by Glanbia Nutritionals for commercialization by a customer. The shake offers consumers optimal muscle recovery in a great-tasting 200 calorie drink. Based on Glanbia Nutritionals’ whey stabilization technology for liquids, the shake delivers 35g of whey protein in a convenient ready-to-drink format suited to active consumers on the go. The product also features Actinos®, a proprietary nitric oxide synthase activator developed by Glanbia Nutritionals.

The versatility of the range is showcased in a great tasting whey-based ‘Mass Explosion’ beverage, also formulated using the whey stabilization technology for liquids. This industry first product delivers sustained rapid mass gain, with none of the ‘graininess’ commonly associated with a specialty high calorie drink.

Derived from the company’s growing Omega-3 portfolio and whey protein expertise, a new Flax-Whey Smoothie prototype showcases a great-tasting, highly functional combination of all the benefits of whey protein with ALA and DHA Omega-3s. Glanbia Nutritionals’ UltraGradTM 30MHA ingredient delivers a highly stable, patent-pending flax and algal-sourced EFA ingredient to offer companies a uniquely process tolerant, clean tasting Omega-3 solution.

Formulating with protein in low pH beverages can be challenging. The ProTea prototype delivers a clean, typical fruit or ice tea flavor in a high acid fortified beverage, boosting the satieting properties of tea with the addition of Provon™ A - 190. A - 190 is a whey protein isolate system that offers maximum functionality and improved flavor in low pH drinks.

The new ‘Sinfully Good’ meal replacement shake harnesses the power of a Glanbia’s Solmiko milk protein isolate in a satisfying beverage, eliminating the off-notes typically associated with alternative protein sources to deliver a great tasting beverage with healthy consumer appeal. The shake also features a highly nutritional vitamin & mineral premix.

Max Maxwell, market analyst at Glanbia Nutritionals said: “The new Glanbia Collaboration Center in Twin Falls, Idaho is at the heart of these latest innovations, allowing us to work in close partnership with customers to quickly translate key market trends into commercial new products. With our industry knowledge, extensive portfolio of nutritional beverage solutions and processor relationships, Glanbia Nutritionals is positioned to help companies create complete beverages with significant consumer appeal.”

The Glanbia Nutritionals team is at booth #25060, 25061 to demonstrate how the portfolio of ingredients solutions can add value for manufacturers of protein-enriched beverages.

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized solutions for a broad range of industries. These include fortified foods and beverages, performance nutrition, weight management, health & wellness, and cosmetics & personal care.

For more information about Glanbia Nutritionals and its ingredients, please contact Eric Borchardt, Marketing Manager, at (608) 329-2800 or visit

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