GPC Announces IFT Food Expo Plans

GPC introduces a strategic alliance with ENRECO, Inc. of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. ENRECO’s Sterling Choice® brand of flaxseed products will be highlighted at GPC’s IFT Food Expo booth in a variety of foods able to bear the claim "excellent source of ALA Omega-3."

A "gluten-free" label has become an increasingly critical consumer choice. Manufacturing a "consumer acceptable" bakery product without traditional wheat flour and its gluten content is a challenge to formulators. GPC will feature INSTANT PURE-COTE ® film-forming starch, INSCOSITY® instant starch and Sterling Choice® ground flaxseed in a "gluten-free" cinnamon roll to demonstrate their functional characteristics.

TruBran® oat fiber is a logical choice for formulators designing foods that are a "good or excellent source of fiber." TruBran® oat fiber together with the Sterling Choice® flaxseed products will be showcased in high-fiber fruit smoothies, pizza, and snack chips.

MALTRIN® and MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins are popular choices for building body and mouthfeel while adding a clean-tasting, non-sweet energy source into beverages. Sample a refreshing, chilled sports beverage to complete your visit to our booth.

Visit GPC booth #3712.

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