Immunity Cookies, Here We Come!



Adding to its recently released Praeventia brand of functional cookies and snack bars, Canada-based baked goods company Biscuits Leclerc has introduced two new cookies that use biotech company Biothera’s immunity enhancing Wellmune ingredient. The Praeventia brand also includes functional cookies targeted at both digestive health and children’s wellness.

“We were interested in the immune category because people are very stressed these days and need something to help activate their immune system,” said Francois Langlois, vice president of research and development at Leclerc, in a recent interview with NBJ. And consumers need not fear a “pixie-dust” dosing of Wellmune in Praeventia’s product: a one-ounce serving of the cookies delivers a full 100mg of Wellmune’s beta glucan formula, and a daily dose of 100-200mg of beta glucans is shown to augment immune response. “If you’re going to use the Wellmune brand on your product, you must put in that recommended dose,” said David Walsh, Biothera’s vice president of communications. “Any lesser dose would undermine our brand and the many research investments we have put into it.”

So Praeventia promises a solid dose of immunity boosters, but taste is still king. “Company management wanted to do a better-for-you cookie line but knew that it would have to taste as good, if not better, than our regular cookies,” Leclerc’s Langlois said. “We had to use a special type of Wellmune that didn’t have an aftertaste.” Leclerc markets its food products throughout Canada and in the Eastern United States.

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