Industry signposts: hints of things to come in May 2010

Food is the focus
"The 2010 Dietary Guidelines will focus on nutrients from food, not supplements," noted Katherine A Beals, PhD, RD, FACSM, associate professor, University of Utah.

Pick your poison
"There are three segments of potential nutraceutical consumers: the nutrition-vigilant, the nutrition predisposed and the nutrition disinterested. Start where we can make a difference right away — focus on the nutrition predisposed, who would like to change if it were easy enough.

— Brian Wansink, PhD, at Nutracon conference

Under the radar
"Stealth health is being talked about more. A lot of people may be turned off from the perception that a food that has lower amounts of sodium, or higher fibre, could not taste as (good). That's their perception. So you have to make foods healthier, without boasting about it."

— Brian Wansink, PhD, at Nutracon conference

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