Nutrinova Releases Beverage Balancer
Nutrinova, based in Germany, has introduced a new beverage stabilisation agent. The weighting agent, BalancePlus, evens out flavours and oils to reduce clouding in soft drinks.

The product is resistant to natural light and oxygen, has an extended shelf life and is soluble in flavouring oils without added processing or ingredients.

BalancePlus is fluid at room temperature and requires no additional production equipment or storage in heating drums. It is also neutral in taste, flavour and odour; slightly yellow in colour with no opacity; and has been approved for use in most major soft drink markets, the company says.

The product is able to suspend flavour components when used as a density-adjusting agent in beverage emulsions because of its medium-chain triglyceride composition and weighting component, called Sucrose Acetate IsoButyrate.

More details:
Nutrinova +49 69 305 4992

New Vitamin E Acetate
ADM Natural Health and Nutrition, headquartered in Decateur, Illinois, has launched a cold-water dispersible, natural-source vitamin E acetate.

The highly stable product, E 700D, is applicable in beverage and other water-based foods, according to ADM, the world's biggest producer of natural-source vitamin E.

Because E 700D is virtually odourless and tasteless, it is suitable for food and drink products without flavour adjustment.

E 700D displays little sedimentation and ringing, has minimal interaction with typical food and drink ingredients, and forms a stable emulsion in aqueous systems.

For multivitamin supplements and chewable tablets, only 22mg is required to provide 100 per cent of the adult Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

Like all ADM vitamin E products, E 700D is naturally derived from vegetable oil processing. Studies have shown that vitamin E bioavailability is higher in this form than in synthetic form.

More details:
ADM +44 1322 437536

Cognis Expands Carotenoid Line
Cognis Nutrition and Health, a business unit of Cognis B.V., Roermond, the Netherlands, has responded to the increasingly diversified needs of food and dietary supplements manufacturers by adding two powdered variants to its Betatene natural mixed-carotenoid line.

Betatene 10% N is a high-potency powder containing micro-encapsulated natural mixed carotenoids that was developed to increase formulation flexibility and reduce production costs. Betatene 1% CWD N is an IP-certified powder (free of any genetic modification).

The products boost a line that is ideal for integrating vitamin A into snacks, energy bars, sports drinks and other foods, as well as into dietary supplements.

Betatene's carotenoids derive from the world's largest cultivated algae farm in the Southern and Indian oceans off Australia. No petrochemical solvents or other synthetic chemicals are used in its production, offering potential labeling and marketing benefits to manufacturers.

Betatene contains a blend of carotenoids such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin that are typically found in many fruits and vegetables.

Cognis now offers four powders and three oil grades in the Betatene line.

More details:
Cognis +49 211 7940 9692

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