KonaRed fuels frozen yogurt

KonaRed fuels frozen yogurt

With KonaRed, TCBY can deliver consumers unique bioavailable antioxidants that help increase natural energy.

KonaRed® is the key ingredient in the next flavor innovation by TCBY. Leading the frozen yogurt market in better-for-you, great-tasting products, TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt and frozen yogurt innovator, takes pride in offering unique flavors and innovative products. To continue its goal of offering customers the healthiest frozen yogurt, TCBY will offer nonfat YO-Power, fueled by KonaRed®, soft serve frozen yogurt Nov. 19 to Dec. 15 throughout Fort Collins, Colo., as a test market for its TCBY locations nationwide.

“Having the greatest-tasting frozen yogurt has been a focus of ours from the beginning, but with YO-Power we’ve introduced a product beyond taste. We’re giving our customers a powerful nutritional treat that also provides them with all-natural energy to fit their active lifestyle,” said Wayne Geilman, product development manager at TCBY.

“We’re proud to be working with TCBY on their YO-Power product," said KonaRed CEO and cofounder Shaun Roberts. "We value their commitment to making the healthiest frozen yogurt in the country without sacrificing taste. With KonaRed, TCBY can deliver consumers unique bioavailable antioxidants that immediately enter the body at the cellular level to help increase natural energy and fight inflammation.”

About KonaRed
In 2008, KonaRed's executive team, led by CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts, set out to study the health benefits of the coffee fruit in conjunction with Kona's major coffee producers. After months of tests that identified the coffee fruit's highly beneficial antioxidant properties, KonaRed was developed to bring this superfruit to the market. For more information on KonaRed, please visit konared.com or call 808.212.1553.


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