Navitas Naturals Launches Organic Green Stevia

Stevia is poised to be a major low-calorie sweetener breakthrough, and Navitas Naturals is leading the way by bringing a healthy new traditional version of Organic Green Stevia to the marketplace. Although stevia is new to North America, it has been enjoyed for centuries by indigenous people in South America as a natural sweetener for their herbal medicines and teas. Navitas Naturals offers premium raw stevia in the traditional pure form celebrated by the Guarani and Mato Grosso Indians, whom crush the herb’s whole leaves to create a potent green powder.

Navitas Naturals Organic Green Stevia is a healthy alternative to refined sugar and synthetic sweeteners that is 100% organic, vegan, and kosher. After the stevia leaves used in this new product are collected, they are dried and milled into a fine powder at low temperatures to protect the nutrients of the plant. Organic Green Stevia is offered in an 8-ounce resealable pouch for $11.99. It is the first product to be launched under Navitas Naturals’ new natural alternative sweetener brand called Sweet Tooth. Navitas Naturals products are widely available at hundreds of stores throughout the U.S. and Canada including Whole Foods Markets, and on many popular websites including Navitas Naturals also supplies their superfoods and alternative sweeteners in bulk quantities to other food and beverage companies.

Called the “Honey Leaf” by native people, stevia is a white flowered herb indigenous to Paraguay. A little bit of Organic Green Stevia powder goes a long way. Stevia leaves are incredibly sweet, tasting as much as 30 times sweeter than sugar, yet they contain no sucrose. Stevia leaves contain glycosides, which taste very sweet to the tongue, but contain no sugar, no calories, and no carbohydrates. Therefore, despite its sweetness, stevia does not have a GI (Glycemic Index) nor does it affect the body’s insulin levels. Stevia has also been shown to aid the pancreas and improve digestion and it is ideal for people with diabetes and those that are intolerant to sugar, seeking weight control, or trying to avoid tooth decay.

Since 2003, Navitas Naturals’ mission has been to provide premium organic power foods that increase energy and enhance health. Through direct purchasing agreements, Navitas Naturals provides and expands fair trade economic opportunities in developing regions around the world. “Our products come from the wisdom of ancient cultures and their traditional use of plants for both culinary and medicinal purposes,” says Zach Adelman, President of Navitas Naturals. In addition to the new Organic Green Stevia, Navitas Naturals offers a wide variety of organic superfoods and sweeteners, including raw cacao, mesquite, lucuma, acai, yacon, mulberries, maca, camu camu, palm sugar, goldenberries, pomegranate, chia, flax, goji berries, hemp, raw cashews, Trail Power snack mix blends and Twister Power superfoods blends. For more information and delicious recipes, please visit

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