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New GMO omega-3 product coming near you?

Vegetarian omega-3s have only come in ALA and DHA varieties; only fish contain EPA. Until now. In early April, DuPont announced its new EPA product, New Harvest. Sold at GNC stores, New Harvest delivers 600 mg of EPA in every fish-free 1,200 mg softgel. Some ingredients experts say that the product, made in a yeast fermentation process, is a GMO-derived product. New Harvest says the proprietary process was assessed for safety by "numerous studies, which were reviewed and approved by the FDA as part of a New Dietary Ingredient notification.” In light of ongoing bad press over fish oil sustainability and contamination, is it possible consumers will not care about a little gene tweaking?

Functional Ingredients, NFM’s sister publication, has the full story on the magazine’s website.

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