New Ingredients & Products

The thrill of krill and co-Q10
Quality of Life, a division of Maypro Industries, is in the process of launching a new supplements line, which includes an advanced co-Q10 product and Neptune Krill Oil, with other proprietary products to follow later this year. The New York company sources the co-Q10 ingredient out of Japan, from the Amino Up Chemical Co. The krill oil is sourced from Canadian company Neptune.

Tel: + 1 877 937 2422

Orange hues get bolder and brighter
UK-based Overseal has extended its natural carotene range, now providing products with more intense orange shades without the problem of ?neck ring,? which results from a breakdown of the emulsion. The products also allow manufacturers to switch from synthetic nature-identical beta-carotene to natural carotene without experiencing a significant shade change or higher cost, the company says. The new carotenes are available as both liquid and powder and in 0.2, 1, 2, 5 and 10 per cent pigment concentration.

Tel: + 1 715 386 9782
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Powdered anthocyanin blend
L a Gardonnenque, one of the largest manufacturers of grape polyphenols, has developed a powdered anthocyanin blend called VitiLife suitable for use in food, supplements and beverages. VitiLife contains a standardised minimum level of 8 per cent anthocyanins and more than 70 per cent polyphenols. Laboratory tests have determined its ORAC value is higher than that naturally found in cocoa, rosemary and green tea, at 10,670mmol trolox equivalent per gram, the French company says.

Tel: + 33 4 66 83 21 52
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Quick meals for seniors
In response to the unique nutritional requirements of seniors, ConAgra Foods has introduced Golden Cuisine, a line of 35 frozen meals that meet federal guidelines established by the USDA for senior nutrition. Several are also vegetarian. The meals can be ordered online and delivered directly to the home through such sites as, supply partners such as Meals on Wheels Association of America,, and even at in the gourmet foods section. All of the meals contain reduced sodium and fat, 3oz of protein and two half-cup servings of vegetables.

Tel: + 1 800 886 4084

Mangosteen fruit extracts
California company Renaissance Herbs has added XanoMax to its line of botanic extracts. Made from the mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana), which is renowned in Southeast Asia as the ?queen of fruits,? XanoMax has been standardised by HPLC to mangostin, one of a family of active compounds found in the fruit known as xanthones. Three grades are available: water soluble 1 per cent mangostin, water soluble 10 per cent mangostin, and cosmetic grade standardised to 40 per cent mangostin. Tests of XanoMax 10 per cent reveal an ORAC value of 2,574.

Tel: + 1 800 550 8446

Yerba mate extract puts pinch on hunger
PureWorld has developed a product intended to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. YerbaLean, a standardised extract of yerba mate, contains a higher percentage of naturally occurring theobromine than any other extract on the market, the company says. Dried yerba mate contains 0.03 per cent theobromine, whereas YerbaLean contains 0.2 percent theobromine. The compound is said to stimulate the central nervous system and heart, and is a smooth muscle relaxant and diuretic. YerbaLean also contains four times the caffeine of dried yerba mate.

Tel: + 1 201 440 5000
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Pomegranate, aloe vera juice in concentrate
Gencor Pacific?s new pomegranate concentrate comes in syrupy liquid and powder forms for ready-to-drink applications. Rich in alkaloids, polyphenols, ellagic acid and phytoestrogens, this is the first pomegranate concentrate available on the market in a ready-to-drink format, the Virginia company says. The company has also recently introduced an aloe vera juice with 92 per cent concentrate and a citrus flavour.

Tel: + 1 757 233 5163
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Standardised, fermented soy isoflavones
Dietary supplements makers looking to deliver standardised soy isoflavones at an economical cost have a new option: fermented aglycone soy isoflavones. Manufacturer VDF FutureCeuticals claims the new ingredient is the most active and biologically available form of soy isoflavones on the market today. It is suitable for powdered, ready-to-mix supplements, as well as nutritional bars, beverages and capsules.

Tel: + 1 888 472 3545
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Pollen extracts with punch
In an effort to increase potency and bioavailability, Graminex has launched new pollen extract formulations to be marketed under the brand name Pollenaid. PA60 is standardised at not less than 10 per cent amino acids and PAX is standardised to not less than 15 per cent phytosterols. Based in Ohio, Graminex harvests 5,000 acres of farmland in northwest Ohio each year to provide active ingredients for dietary supplements manufacturers.

Tel: + 1 877 472 6469
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Quick-to-eat quinoa meals
Anglesey Natural Foods has introduced a chilled food product line combining high-protein quinoa grain with Indonesian flavours through natural fermentation. Called Quinova, the product can be diced or minced and added to a variety of meal preparations. The product is vegan, and GM- and gluten-free. It is high in iron and many B vitamins and is low in saturated fat. It is currently sold only in the UK.

Tel: + 44 1248 422 011
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Calcium you can shake
Consumers concerned about calcium can now turn to their salt shakers for help. Michigan-based Wysong has created High Calcium/Potassium Whole Salt, a nutrient-enhanced alternative to ordinary table salt. Among its ingredients are coral, milk, eggshell, desiccated sea plankton and potassium citrate. Its base is Wysong Whole Salt, which claims more than 74 trace minerals. The flavour is milder and sweeter than refined table salt.

Tel: + 1 989 631 0009
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Olive-infused deodorant for sensitive skin
Anew deodorant with anti-irritant and antioxidant properties, aimed at women who are sensitive because of shaving, has been launched by Arizona-based Herbal Care Systems. Herbal Clear PG Free?s unique ingredient is Hidrox, a patented blend of crushed organic olives rich in polyphenols. Hidrox is manufactured by California company CreAgri.

Tel: + 1 510 732 6478
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