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Wellness Healthy IndulgenceGluten-free feline meals
The Wellness brand of natural food and treats for pets has created a line of sliced wheat-gluten-free feline meals called Wellness Healthy Indulgence Naturally Delicious Everyday Entrées. Available in four flavours, the single-serve pouches include phytonutrient-packed cranberries and blueberries to help maintain proper urinary-tract health; taurine, an amino acid essential for eye and heart function; flaxseed for healthy skin and a shiny coat; and sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and zucchini to help maintain immune-system health.
+1 800 225 0904

iFish Q+Baby DHA PowderOmega-3 rich powder for infants
iFish has launched a line of omega-3 nutritional supplements in Taiwan called Q+ Baby DHA Powder, targeting babies six months and older. The powder can be added to beverages and foods to provide babies with the omega-3s needed for normal growth and development. The three formulas are: Brainer, for increased development of the brain; Sightner, for maintenance of vision; and Immuner, for increased immunity in infants and children. iFish Microcaps was established in 2006. The fish-oil supplier is Ocean Nutrition Canada.
+1 902 480 3200

Navitas Naturals Trail PowerSnack mixes with organic exotic berries
Navitas Naturals, a supplier of organic power foods based in California, has launched Trail Power, a healthy line of snack mixes made with exotic raw organic berries and nuts rich in antioxidants, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The three varieties, Goji-Golden Berry-Mulberry, Goji-Cacao Nibs-Cashew and Three Berry-Cacao Nibs-Cashew, are USDA certified with 70 per cent organic ingredients and certified kosher through Earth Kosher. The ingredients include goji berries from China, Inca golden berries from Colombia, mulberries from Turkey, cashews from Brazil, and cacao nibs from Peru.
+1 888 645 4282

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