New products - October 2009

BBQ grilling rubs
San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company, with one of the largest selections of bulk herbs, teas and spices in the US, introduces its new BBQ Grilling Rubs. The rubs are formulated with all-natural spices, and are entirely salt free to complement any type of meats. The company says the rubs are made to be versatile, not limited to the grill and available in flavours for all types of meat.


Amazing Berry Green Superfood
Amazing Grass, producer of certified-organic grasses and alfalfa, has released its new organic Berry Green Superfood, a drink powder, at retail across the US and Canada. The powder offers the antioxidant equivalent of seven servings of fruits and vegetables, the company says, providing health-conscious consumers a way to boost both energy and their immune systems. Berry Green brings together a broad spectrum of alkalizing green superfoods including açai and goji berries, support herbs, and maca. It is gluten free, soy free, vegan, low in calories and fat, and has no added sugar.


Chemical-free baby product line
When a November 2007 study by the Environmental Working Group found that children routinely come in contact with 27 chemicals that have never been assessed for safety, the creators of Herban Lifestyle were alarmed. They have since unveiled a full line of baby products containing ingredients that are either certified organic or are pesticide/chemical free. The product line includes baby powder, diaper-rash salve, baby oil and baby wash.


Snack nuts with added natural flavours
Zymex Industries of California has launched a product line of naturally flavoured nuts under the name Ziba. Among the 10 varieties are Ziba Pomegranate Pistachios, Ziba Sweet & Sour Pistachios, and Ziba Lemon & Lime Sunflower Seeds. The nuts are packaged in recyclable and reusable 48oz clear PET containers. Zymex is a grower, processor, packer, importer, and exporter of nuts, herbs and dried fruits.


Natural line of jarred infant foods
Beech-Nut of New York, a baby-food maker for 75 years, has introduced Stage 3, Homestyle to its product line of jarred infant foods. The line features a homemade texture and consistency, and includes four varieties: Pears and Blueberries; Apples, Cherries & Plums; Cinnamon Raisin and Pears; and Peaches, Apples & Bananas. All include added vitamin C, contain 5-7g of fibre per serving, and have no added sugars. In addition to Homestyle, Beech-Nut also offers many varieties of Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 infant food, including Good Morning/Good Evening and DHA PLUS, which contains prebiotics and DHA.


Multivitamins for Aussies
Space Vitamins, a wholly owned Australian company committed to locally producing high-quality supplements, has launched Australia's first super-premium multivitamin and mineral supplement. Where most store-bought vitamins are derived from synthetic sources using chemical ingredients, Space Vitamins contain natural ingredients extracted from sources such as rosehips, corn and vegetables, making them not only safer but easier to absorb, the company says. Their vitamins utilize organic-type minerals, formed by attaching the mineral molecule to a plant-based protein, which increases absorption in the body. Space Vitamins contain no preservatives, synthetic binders, gluten, lactose, sucrose, caffeine or copper. They are vegetarian friendly and available at pharmacies, health-food stores and online.

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