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PCC Natural Markets pledges $100,000 to Washington GMO labeling campaign

PCC Natural Markets pledges $100,000 to Washington GMO labeling campaign

The nation may be following California's Proposition 37, but voters in Washington state are looking to 2013 and the outcome of their own GMO labeling initiative.

As the nation watches California's Propostion 37, Seattle-based PCC Natural Markets, which has been supporting a GMO labeling campaign in Washington, has pledged $100,000 in support of state Initiative 522, the Seattle Times reports.

"Don't make any mistake, this is chemical companies" opposing labeling, said Trudy Bialic, director of public affairs at PCC. "It's the same people who brought us Agent Orange, DDT and PCBs, and they're saying now, 'Trust us with your food.' And people are saying, 'No, we want to know what's in it.'"

A Tacoma, Wash., couple began the effort earlier this year. The husband's firm built the website

The newspaper outlined the state's initative process as follows:

By early January, the I-522 campaign needs to submit 241,153 valid signatures to the state, at which point the initiative would go to the Legislature. If lawmakers do not enact the initiative as law in some form—and they usually don't—it would go before voters in November 2013.

Read the full report to learn more about the GMO labeling effort in Washington and how the support and opposition are lining up there.

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