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Pharmachem to Feature StarchLite At ADA Culinary Demonstration

KEARNY, NJ, AUG. 8, 2006—A Culinary Demonstration, entitled “Crepes, Cakes, & Small Bites: Real Food with Less Calories,” will be sponsored by Phamachem Laboratories, Inc., during the American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, Sept. 17, Honolulu, Hawaii.

“The objective of the demonstration is to highlight the versatility and health benefits of StarchLite®,” said Gregory Drew, Director of Pharmachem’s Food & Beverage Group. “Numerous clinical studies have shown the all-natural, GRAS ingredient to delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, and reduce the caloric impact of starchy foods. More recently, a double-blind study showed that StarchLite also reduced the Glycemic Index (GI) of starchy foods.”

The culinary demonstration will feature presentations by Ms. Cathy Nonas, R.D., and Chef Gerard Viverito, C.E.C., C.H.E., lecturing culinary instructor. Ms. Nonas will describe StarchLite, a proprietary extract of the white bean, and the scientific studies supporting it. Chef Viverito will conduct a “Functional Cooking,” demonstration to show how StarchLite can be incorporated into everyday meals that might be off-limits to people with specific health conditions.

“We’re very excited about the potential of StarchLite in the functional food and beverage category because third-party sensory evaluations have shown it doesn’t negatively affect the taste or texture of food,” said Drew. “The evaluations conducted by Tragon Corp., an independent research firm, showed that baked goods containing StarchLite compared favorably to traditional baked goods—and in some cases, were preferred over the traditional products.”

Pharmachem will also be exhibiting at the show in booth #237, along with two companies who will launch StarchLite products lines at the show: French Meadow Bakery, booth #239 and Molinari Mills Pasta, booth #241. For more information please visit

Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. is a global leader in application-specific processing of healthy ingredients including custom extraction, fractionation, fermentation, drying, liquid-to-powder conversion, granulation, agglomeration, blending, nutrient fortification and ready-to-drink powders. For more information, call 1-800-526-0609, or log on to
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