Pyure Brands launches organic energy shot

Pyure Brands launches organic energy shot

O.E.O. is powered by organic green tea, yerba mate, and guarana, delivering immediate, long-lasting energy that's free of calories and sugar.

Pyure Brands, the leader in natural and organic stevia sweeteners, is announcing the launch of its organic energy shot Organic Energy Optimization. Dubbed O.E.O. for short, the 2 oz. shot is powered by organic green tea, yerba mate, and guarana, delivering immediate, long-lasting energy that is free of calories and sugar. The energy shot comes in two delicious flavors, Mixed Berry and Citrus, and distribution will soon begin within natural grocery channels.

For Pyure Brands CEO Benjamin Fleischer, the launch of the O.E.O. energy shot is the realization of a longstanding idea coming full-circle. When Fleischer first ventured out into the natural and organic food trade in 2006, he did so with the idea of creating a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks and chemical-laden energy shots. His research ultimately led him in another direction, and so he went on to develop Pyure Brands into a leading national stevia supplier. In the back of his mind, however, he always wanted to create a healthier energy shot.

“As a devotee to health and wellness, the energy drink frenzy has always troubled me,” said Fleischer. “Some of the drinks on the market today have upwards of 50 grams of sugar, and most of the energy shots are chemically processed. Even worse, many of them are marketed to kids. With O.E.O., we’ve developed an organic, natural solution for people who are looking for a healthier energy boost—without all the sugar, chemicals, and calories.”

Pyure’s O.E.O. energy shot is a natural fit for the growing consumer segment that is seeking healthier food, beverage, and supplement alternatives. From mothers on the go to fitness enthusiasts, O.E.O. is a healthier, great tasting solution that consumers can rely on. It’s also an organic option for office workers seeking a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and college students looking for improved energy and concentration in the classroom.

The O.E.O. energy shot is just the latest development in Pyure Brands’ quest to be the leaders in healthy, stevia-based product innovation. Their organic tabletop stevia sweetener recently attained Non-GMO Project Verified status, as did their entire lineup of commercial grade stevia extracts. Their PyureBlend SOA extract has also garnered significant industry praise for its ability to simplify the product formulation process.

“Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for healthier alternatives,” said Fleischer. “Thanks to great stevia-based products like O.E.O., they no longer have to. Pyure Brands will continue to come up with innovative products that people can feel good about.”

For more information about Organic Energy Optimization (O.E.O.) and Pyure Brands’ entire lineup of healthy stevia-based products, please visit

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