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Retailers: 12 actions you can take to fight GMOs

Retailers: 12 actions you can take to fight GMOs

Labeling, letters, education and marches--here are ways that your store can take a stand against GM foods. 


  1. Highlight Non-GMO Project Verified products with green shelf tags, shelf talkers and educational signage. Log on to and check out the Supporting Retailer Program section for more information.
  2. Use red stickers to label products that include “at risk ingredients” from crops that are frequently grown with genetically engineered seed, such as corn, soy, canola, sugar beets and cotton. Or better yet, don’t carry these products.
  3. Sponsor a public-education talk on genetically modified organisms, or a webinar for staff. Learn more at
  4. Construct a Non-GMO Education Center, complete with books, DVDs and pamphlets. You can buy a pre-built center through the distributor UNFI.
  5. Host a screening of the documentary The World According to Monsanto. Details are at
  6. Start a local non-GMO action group.
  7. Offer non-GMO shopping guides in your store entry. You can download the guides for free at
  8. Host an event or organize a community rally for Non-GMO Month in October.
  9. Send a GMO protest letter to your local newspaper. Templates are available at
  10. Write your congressional representative and tell him or her you want GM foods to be labeled.
  11. Check out the Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto campaign at organic
  12. Participate in the Right2Know March, Oct. 2 to 16 from New York City to Washington, D.C., and demand labeling. For more information, visit
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