Silliker Announces Proprietary Testing Method Licensing Agreement with Kraft Foods

Homewood, IL, May, 2008 – Silliker, the leading international provider of food testing and consulting services, announced today a licensing agreement with Kraft Foods for a patent pending in vitro method for predicting the Glycemic Index (GI) of foods.

Kraft recognized the need to quickly predict the GI of foods in the R&D process and developed the method. While the method does not eliminate the need for in vivo Glycemic Index testing, it serves as a valuable screening tool for new product formulations. The method, which includes chemical characterization of the food as well as the use of a sophisticated statistical model, produces results that are very tightly correlated with in vivo measures of GI.

"With the exponential growth in the global demand for more healthy food products, Silliker will continue to partner with food industry R&D organizations to supply innovative services and methods of analysis”, says Jim Ondyak, President and CEO of Silliker North America.

Initially under the licensing agreement, Silliker will exclusively offer this method in North America at its Chicago Heights, IL, laboratory. At a future date, the offering may be expanded to include Silliker chemistry operations in Europe and Australia.

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With 50 labs in 13 countries, Silliker, Inc. provides consulting, testing, auditing, research and training services that help ensure food safety and nutrition worldwide. Silliker is recognized for its expertise in providing recommendations that help identify operational problems, anticipate areas of concern, and institute practical controls associated with food safety and quality risks.

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