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Specialist Malt and Malt Extracts prove to be excellent as Natural Colours

A recent innovation from the S. Black development kitchen is the use of our speciality Malt and Malt extracts from Muntons, as natural colourings for a wide range of food and beverage applications. Apart from the rich brown colour that can be achieved, even at low dosage levels, a further major advantage these materials bring to your products is that they are declared as “Malt extracts” thereby helping to achieve cleaner label declarations.

Natural colour declarations and reduction of E numbers on pack is a key trend and an essential requirement for tomorrow’s successful products in the UK food and drink industry. Amongst many innovative solutions S. Black can provide, replacing Caramel (E150c) with a natural choice is really helping customers with such clean up requirements.

The company’s specialist Clarimalts, enable a choice of Liquid or Spray-dried options to deliver that “must have” natural colour requirement, in easy to use formats, with label declaration simply being "Malt Extract". Not surprisingly this is proving to be a key ingredient for many developers.

S. Black is leading the way with this natural colour choice and has helped many customers in a variety of applications.

Application markets

Anywhere where Natural Colour is required:

• Bakery - Christmas Cakes & Puddings, Muffins, Chocolate & Toffee cakes, Premixes
• Confectionery
• Sauces - BBQ, Toffee
• Glazes
• Gravies
• Savoury products, Soups
• Hot and Cold beverages, both ready to drink and instants.

For further information, application solutions, samples and product recommendations contact:

Russell Wheeler
S. Black Ltd
Foxholes Business Park,
John Tate Road,
Tel: 01992 825555
E: [email protected]

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