Sunwin Stevia installs high-tech production lines

Sunwin Stevia installs high-tech production lines

Facility upgrade increases annual bulk stevia production capacity to 1,300 metric tons.

Sunwin Stevia International Inc. (OTC.QB: SUWN) one of the top global providers of high quality stevia extracts including Rebaudioside A 98, announced the completion of its previously announced stevioside expansion project. The completion of this high-tech expansion of its production facilities brings Sunwin's total bulk stevia production capacity to 1,300 metric tons, including 500 metric tons of high grade stevioside products (Rabaudioside 60, 80, 95, 98, and 99) and 500 metric tons of steviosin, which is a stevioside extract used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sunwin's new stevioside extraction line uses a state-of-the-art crystallization process that substantially reduces the production time while increasing product yield. Sunwin believes this process will lead to a substantial reduction in overall processing costs as utilization rates increase. In addition, Sunwin's facilities are capable of producing 500 metric tons of stevioside in granular and tablet forms on an annual basis. Demand for stevia in these forms has been increasing and management believes Sunwin is now poised to capitalize on this industry trend.

Sunwin began this expansion project in April 2012 in anticipation of an improvement in demand in the coming years as the use of stevia as a healthy low calorie sweetener continues to increase across the globe. Sunwin has begun trial production of its new lines and anticipates its additional production capabilities will be fully operational in the third quarter of 2013.

"We are excited to have completed this important expansion for our company. Through this upgrade we not only increase our bulk stevia capabilities we also are able to expand our product offerings to the stevia marketplace," commented Dongdong Lin, CEO of Sunwin Stevia International. "We believe our use of technology will help us to significantly drive down production costs and enhance our bottom line while providing our customers across the globe with the highest quality stevia products."


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