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Teach customers about Asian noodles

To boost sales of items shoppers may not otherwise notice, share information about the uses for and health benefits of  Asian noodles.

With Asian noodle bars cropping up in Tennessee and phởshops in Texas, one thing is obvious: People everywhere are twirling for Asian noodles. Schaumburg, Ill.-based market research firm SPINS reports that between August 2009 and August 2010, naturals stores sold 33.1 percent more refrigerated Asian noodles than they did the prior year. In the shelf-stable aisle, sales of microwaveable entrees and plain, dry noodles bubbled over by 19.6 percent.

“Asian noodles are global comfort food and, being such global eaters, Generation Y diners are very into them. These foods are also flavorful and deliver exotic adventure,” says Kara Nielsen, trendologist at San Francisco’s Center for Culinary Development. “Asian noodle dishes can also be a little lighter than traditional pasta dishes,” says Nina Simonds, author of Spices of Life (Knopf, 2005) and Asian Noodles(Hearst, 1997).

See the varieties and their benefits in 5 Asian noodles to know.

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