Vitamin D3 introduced into functional beverage market

Vitamin D3 introduced into functional beverage market

Among other top ingredients, vitamin D has drawn substantial interest in the scientific community and among functional food makers. 


According to NBJ’s 2010 Supplement Report, vitamin D supplements posted unprecedented 82% sales growth in 2009, on the wings of numerous clinical studies indicating its effectiveness in the areas of immune, bone, joint and heart health. 

From a beverage standpoint, though, D—which is most prominently fat-soluble—has mostly been relegated to milk and other drinkable dairy. In that vein, Israel-based ingredient formulator LycoRed has created a water-soluble D3 to add to its CapsuDar line of microencapsulated vitamins.  The microencapsulation protects the vitamin from light, oxidation and other potential deactivators, and opens up the functional beverage market to reach consumers uninterested in pill-form D. 

NBJ Bottom Line

Despite the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 augmentation to its recommended daily intake (RDI) guidelines for vitamin D to 600 IU per day for most adults, the medical community continues to insist that Americans are still deficient. As research broadens and consumer and physician interest grows around the vitamin—and as these trends coincide with the steady growth of functional beverages—the future looks bright for drinkable D. NBJ posits in its 2010 Healthy Foods Report that the U.S. market for functional beverages scored compound annual growth of 11% from 2000 to 2009.

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