VPX Sports launches BANG energy drink

VPX Sports launches BANG energy drink

Read why BANG is "not your typical high-sugar, health-robbing beverage."

The beverage innovators at VPX® have redefined the energy drink category by introducing BANG®—a novel, great-tasting 16-ounce carbonated beverage formulated to fuel the brain and body. “BANG is not your typical high-sugar, health-robbing beverage.” Rather, BANG consists of several patent-pending compounds and patented compositions intelligently designed to deliver results “without the sugar-induced metabolic mayhem and crash,” Jack Owoc, CEO and chief science officer of VPX Sports, explains.

VPX has thrived upon its reputation to create cutting-edge, science-backed and value-added products that consistently exceed consumer expectations. BANG is at the forefront of VPX innovation by introducing a patent-pending novel water stable covalently bonded creatine/glutamine peptide, caffeine, BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) and a patented encapsulated CoQ10 that dissolves clearer and is more stable than other commercially available CoQ10. For this reason, Jack Owoc describes BANG as the “first hybrid energy/sports nutrition beverage” designed to increase ATP (the body’s energy currency) without carbs or other macro nutrients like sugar. All of the high fructose corn syrup and high-sugar-content energy drinks are harmful for health and actually zap your body of energy by causing the body to over-express insulin. This contributes to the American pandemic of obesity and other related diseases.”

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