Win Chance Launches Heinz sauces with Omega-360 in Asia

Denomega Nutritional Oils, the leading pioneer of taste and odour free Omega-3 solutions for the food and supplement markets, has announced that Win Chance of Thailand, has launched an excellent tasting Ketchup for kids and an Oyster sauce containing Omega-360.

The products are tailored to meet Win Chance focus of enhancing nutrition using natural ingredients. “Our marketing strategy is to move towards more natural and healthy nutrition to consumer with the same good taste as before. We now understand that fish oil offers complete Omega-3 benefits to people of all ages. Using Denomega's complete and naturally taste free fish oil is therefore a great choice to strengthen our marketing message and position in the consumers mind”, says Senior Product Manager, Mr. Chayuttapol Hanwongjirawat at Win Chance, a Licensee of HJ.Heinz Co.,USA. The products are available in major supermarkets and retail stores.

More than 7000 clinical studies support a number of benefits of EPA and DHA Omega-3 including heart and brain health. Jan Haakon Haakonsen, Denomega’s Business Director, Food and beverages says: “It is encouraging to see that the best companies in the market recognize that foods with Omega-360 provides many benefits. Other sources of Omega-3 may not contain all the healthy ingredients or the practical Omega-360 ease of use”.

Win Chance selected to source Omega -360 through Helm Mahaboon; a company that has been working for Denomega Nutritional Oils for years in Thailand.

About Denomega Nutritional Oils AS

Denomega Nutritional Oils is the pioneer company behind the premium taste and odour free Omega-360TM ingredients for use in Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements. Denomega’s range also includes Omega-3s for Clinical Nutrition. Denomega has doubled its sales in the Functional Food segment since last year. The company is a part of Borregaard and Orkla, which is one of the largest listed companies in Norway with activities concentrated in the areas of Branded Consumer Goods, Chemicals and Financial Investments.

Denomega Nutritional Oils has several production facilities in Norway and uses only sustainable Norwegian source for their Omega-360 products.

For more information about the company, please visit, and for more information about the health benefits of Omega-360TM, please visit

About Win Chance Limited, a Licensee of HJ.Heinz Co.,USA)

Win Chance Co., Ltd. is a producer of tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, and oyster sauce under the famous international brand name of Heinz in Thailand. The company's production is under the license of H.J. Heinz Company of the USA. The company exports around 70% of its production output to many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to producing products under the Heinz brand, the company also provides them under private labels according to customer requirements.

Win Chance Co., Ltd. has been producing tomato ketchup in Thailand since 1984 and has been celebrating 25th Anniversary since June 2010 with concept of “Quality Initiate Success”.

For more information about the company, please visit

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