Zoobars Releases New Gluten-Free Nutrition Bars

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., July 29, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Zoobars ( http://www.zoobars.com), a product of the Jungle Treats Company, has recently introduced its new line of nutrition bars. The gluten-free bars were originally developed for the personal use of company founder Tish McCrea. The full line of nutritious bars, which have received rave reviews from consumers for great taste, are now being sold in close to 30 locations in New York.

The large-size two-ounce bars are all gluten-free; low in sodium; a good source of protein and fiber; and contain important omega fatty acids. Available in Walnut Chocolate Chip, Brazil Raisin, Pecan Coconut and Peanut Chocolate Chip, all the bars are Kosher and approximately 70% nuts by weight. Two of the bars, the Pecan Coconut and the Brazil Raisin, are sweetened only by banana and contain no added sugar. Current bars available on the market average between 1.2 - 1.5 ounces, making Zoobars significantly more substantial.

McCrea, an acupuncturist and triathlete from Long Island who has a gluten intolerance which severely limits her wheat and gluten consumption, says she wasn't able to find nutritious and gluten-free products to eat during her races. Products currently found on the market contain too much sugar and too many processed materials. With that understanding, McCrea set out to design a product that would be more health-conscious.

"I was looking to develop a healthy snack that could also give me the energy boost I needed," says McCrea, 43, who has been competing in triathlons for the past five years. "Once I became sensitive to wheat and gluten, I saw how little was out there for me, and knew I needed to create something myself."

Recent medical research has shown that a gluten-free diet, when combined with a casein-free diet, can help improve the behavior of children suffering from autism. "Giving children with autism who are also on a gluten-free diet another option of a healthy and delicious snack has been one of my main goals when creating these products," added McCrea.
The bars, which cost approximately $2.00 apiece, can be purchased at better health food stores around New York or via the web, http://www.zoobars.com, at a discount.

A portion of the proceeds from all Zoobars sales will be going to 1% For The Planet, an organization which encourages businesses around the world to donate one percent of their profits to environmental protection groups.

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