Natural Products Expo

4 nutritionally solid pantry picks from Natural Products Expo East 2019

Our resident nutritionist, registered dietitian and content director Jessie Shafer, shares her top nutritionally sound foods for the pantry.

Sure, every shopper thinks that they'll find fresh, healthy foods when shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store. But you also know that they'll find a plethora of nutritious foods in those center aisles. From bulk foods like grains and nuts to healthy cereals, canned vegetables, meal starters, nut butters, veggie-loaded sauces and kid-friendly snacks and pouches, the center aisles are bursting with innovation.

When consumers fill their carts with the staples, such as a really good pasta, pasta sauce, bread and other staple baking ingredients, they can rely on these brands to deliver. Brands featured are Cybele's Free to Eat, Otamot Foods, Alvarado St. Bakery and The Real Co.


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