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Costco updates antibiotic policy, sets date for compliance

Article-Costco updates antibiotic policy, sets date for compliance

Membership-club retailer plans to set a target date for policy compliance on or before December 2020.

Costco Wholesale has updated its animal welfare standards to include an antibiotic policy that it says will limit the use of antibiotics important to human medicine in the company’s meat and poultry supply chains.

“Costco Wholesale's goal is to control the use of antibiotics medically important to humans in its meat and poultry supply chains, consistent with protecting the health and welfare of our members and of poultry, hogs and cattle in our supply chains,” the company said on its website. “Our policy is to limit application of these antibiotics to therapeutic use for the prevention, control and treatment of disease and not, for example, for purposes of growth promotion or feed efficiency, and only under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian in a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship.”

The company will work with its suppliers and producers over the next two years to develop and apply protocols for assessing compliance with this policy such as requiring the provision of certificates or affidavits by producers; review of audits commissioned by producers and suppliers; audits commissioned by Costco Wholesale; and product testing, according to its release statement.

The company also plans to set by December 2020 a target date for mandatory and monitored  compliance with the policy. Then, Costco will assess the feasibility of eliminating the routine use of medically important antibiotics for prevention of disease among supplier farms.

“Application of this policy will be guided by our interpretation of Food & Drug Administration Guidance No. 209 and No. 213 Veterinary Feed Directive, which discontinues the use of medically important antibiotics for growth promotion and requires veterinary oversight of all medically important antibiotics,” the company said.

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