Gluten-free, raw cookies that rock

Gluten-free, raw cookies that rock

Cafe Gratitude, a raw-food eatery with outfits around the Bay Area, just launched their line of gluten-free, raw, and vegan cookies and granola, available in select natural foods markets. I just tried samples, and they are fantastic! The Lemon-Coconut Cookies are my absolute favorite; like a classic macaroon, moist and decadent, but with a wonderful lemon flavor that brightens the whole cookie. I also enjoyed the Chocolate Fudge Cookie (dark cocoa taste, with nuts) and the Thumbprint Cookie with seasonal fruit (like a really good fig newton, but sweetened with banana). All are sweetened without refined sugars and contain healthy, whole ingredients like nuts, agave, Himalayan salt, dates, almond flour, and the like. Look for them and let me know what you think!

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