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Maple Hill Creamery bets on education to boost grass-fed dairy

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Maple Hill Creamery's new campaign (which includes an online video, social media engagement, rebrand and more), aims to educate on grass-fed milk's benefits.

Most dairy products like butter, yogurt and milk contain some sort of bucolic marketing imagery on their package. Cows grazing on rolling, grassy knolls. Idyllic red barns. Verdant green hills speckled with unmistakable, spotted Holsteins... you get the idea.

But the vast majority of conventional dairy products can't say their cows are 100 percent grass-fed. Sure, they may have been fed grass at some point, but many dairies supplement pasture and hay with grains like brewery byproducts, soy and corn, which lessens milk's nutrition. Milk from cows fed predominantly grains particularly has lower levels of essential fatty acids than milk from grass-fed cows.

But grass-fed claims are complicated. Even if a dairy product says their cows are "grass-fed," animals may still eat a lot of grain.

Maple Hill Creamery, one of the top dairy brands that evangelizes 100 percent grass-fed milk, recently launched a comprehensive campaign - which includes videos, infographics, social media engagement and a new package redesign - to educate both natural and mainstream consumers.

"Education, and telling our story and the story of grass-fed, is absolutely key," says Tim Joseph, founding farmer and CEO of Maple Hill Creamery. "By working to change and improve grazing practices and production techniques, we are able to regenerate land, improve the lives and wellbeing of livestock and create prosperous resilient farms - all while producing a nutritionally superior dairy product for consumers. It is a story that has to be told! So education is core to who we are, and a huge focus for us on the rebrand and our new consumer-facing communications, such as our newly launched website and video content."

The video below does an especially good job of profiling the family farmers who supply milk for Maple Hill.

New packaging

In order to communicate Maple Hill's message at retail, the company also hired design and branding agency OffWhite Co. to retool their packaging. "The current packaging did not do justice to the quality of the product inside the cup," said Josh White, principal at OffWhite Co. "Our goal with the redesign was to change consumers' whole perception of the brand, and to be bold in our 100 percent grass-fed dairy differentiation." Find below the modern brand update, which includes brighter, bolder colors, appetizing flavor images and a massive "100%" to indicate cows are fed grass for their entire lives.

Also notice the newly launched certification label PCO 100% Grassfed in the upper right-hand corner of the new packaging. Through on-site inspections, this certification program verifies that ruminants are fed USDA Organic grass their entire lives.

What do you think of Maple Hill's approach to content-driven campaign? Let us know in the comments below!

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