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Natural Grocers launches line of premium private-label organic products

Natural Grocers Natural Grocers Brand Products
More than 35 new products in 10 categories indicate independent grocery’s commitment to quality private label.

Natural Grocers, a leading natural and organic retailer, has launched a new line of premium quality private label products, Natural Grocers Brand Products, that includes more than 35 different new items across 10 categories.

The launch continues Natural Grocers' commitment to its founding principles of highest quality products at Always Affordable Prices. Natural Grocers is extending the power and equity of the chain’s brand into a differentiated line of premium products.

“Our name has been defining the highest quality standards in the natural foods industry since before it really was an industry, so when it comes time to put our name on products, only the highest quality products will do, and we make sure that they are priced so that everyone can afford them,” said Kemper Isely, Natural Grocers co-president.

“We want products that represent our values: hormone and antibiotic-free meats; pasture-based dairy; pasture-raised eggs; no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils; and non-GMO,” Isely continued. “When it comes to house brands, our products are the highest quality at an affordable price.”

The new Natural Grocers Brand organic product lineup includes pasta sauce, olive oil, preserves, bread, tortilla chips, canned tomatoes, canned beans and vegetables, and more. The company plans to introduce them all in November.

Other exciting items such as organic and 100 percent grass-fed cheese, organic and free-trade chocolate, organic coconut milk, 100 percent grass-fed beef jerky and organic frozen vegetables are already in the pipeline and are expected to be in stores in 2019. The introduction of Natural Grocers’ new line of organic, private label products is expected to have a positive impact on the overall mix of organic products in the private label category, which according to Supermarket News, is at just 6 percent.

Natural Grocers has teamed up with How2Recycle to get more materials in the recycling bin by taking the guesswork out of recycling. A standardized labeling system clearly communicates recycling instructions to consumers. Recyclable packaging is an important component of Natural Grocers’ eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Their partnership with How2Recycle is a natural fit as it relates to its private label offerings.

Source: Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

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