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Online grocer Misfits Market launches private label brand

Article-Online grocer Misfits Market launches private label brand

Online grocer Misfits Market launches private label brand
Odds & Ends line includes pantry staples such as coffee, nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate-covered mini pretzels.

Online grocery platform Misfits Market, which focuses on accessibility, affordability and sustainability, recently launched its first-ever private label, Odds & Ends, which currently includes pantry staples such as coffee and snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate-covered mini pretzels.

In contrast to other private label brands that focus only on affordability, many of Misfits Market's Odds & Ends products have also been specifically designed to address supply chain inefficiencies, according to the company. By working directly with farmers and producers who share the company's vision of eliminating waste, Misfits Market is taking new steps to prioritize sustainability and utilize creative sourcing methods to offer high-quality staple products at value. For example, Misfits Market's new direct trade premium coffee blend is purchased directly from the farms where it was grown, providing growers with fair prices and stable incomes while protecting them from market risk and volatility. The end result is a better market for their coffees and more accessible, high-quality coffee for consumers, said Misfit Market.

“Three years ago, Misfits Market set out to rebuild the food supply chain from scratch in order to provide everyone, regardless of where they live, access to quality food at an affordable price,” said Abhi Ramesh, CEO and founder of Misfits Market, based in Delanco, N.J., in the greater Philadelphia area. “After a record-breaking quarter, it’s clear that shoppers are looking for new ways to save, especially with food prices at all-time highs. Our value-conscious customers are saving an average of $25 per order and with the launch of our new private label line, we’re excited to provide our customers with an even wider variety of affordable and sustainably sourced pantry staples.”

Since launching in 2018, Misfits Market is rapidly becoming a go-to destination for full-service weekly grocery shopping. To date, the company has sent out nearly 13 million orders and rescued more than 230 million pounds of food. In Q1 alone, the company has experienced record-breaking growth fueled by expanding to all of the lower 48 states, launching new product categories such as wine, releasing the brand’s mobile app and now the private label launch.

As Misfits Market’s private label expands, the company will continue to look at different ways to deliver quality at a value, whether that means sourcing products from lesser-known regions, upcycling uneven or misshapen foods into new products or blends, or working with producers to use more creative and sustainable practices and packaging.

With consumer prices rising 8.5% over the past year and food costs jumping to the highest levels in a decade, shoppers are looking for new ways to save, without sacrificing quality. Misfits Market’s food value supply chain and opportunistic sourcing enables the company to combat rising food prices and more efficiently provide organic produce, high-quality meats and seafood, plant-based proteins, dairy, bakery, wine, and other grocery items to inflation-challenged consumers. Groceries are delivered right to shoppers’ doors with no service or membership fees, or tips required.

supermarket news logoThis piece originally appeared on Supermarket News, a New Hope Network sister website. Visit the site for more grocery trends and insights.


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