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Packaging spotlight: Mission-forward rebrands and other new looks for summer

Gallery-Packaging spotlight: Mission-forward rebrands and other new looks for summer

Catch these 10 rebrands that have hit store shelves in recent months.

As the country heats up—reaching record high temps in many parts of the U.S.—many brands are refreshing their looks with new packaging. Some environmentally forward companies are choosing to put their missions first through rebrands, highlighting their efforts toward sustainability and how they're being part of the solution, not the problem, to the climate crisis.

Fetzer Vineyards, a top-12 U.S. marketer of wines that sells in over 50 countries worldwide, recently reimagined its flagship Fetzer label to focus on the winery's B Corp certification and emphasize the company's leading sustainability attributes. The largest B Corp winery in the U.S., the company is taking its packaging in a bold new direction to increase its consumer engagement efforts around the impact work the company has been doing, including providing communities with clean water and preventing plastic pollution through its partnership with Fill it Forward.

Taking a different approach, Tofurky is creating "billboards at shelf level" with new packaging for its Plant-Based Burgers, dedicating all of the precious space to a call to action for climate change. The new designs feature bold callouts on the front of each pack such as "Talk to your reps about climate change. Call 202-224-3121" and “Can a burger save the world? It can try."

Fellow plant-based brand Good Karma is refreshing its packaging design in the coming months to include The Detox Project’s Glyphosate Residue Free certification badge in addition to improving callouts of the products' nutritional benefits. In a press release, CEO Doug Radi said, “Our mission hasn’t changed, but we’re refreshing the Good Karma brand to celebrate our joyful and optimistic outlook while inviting shoppers to join us in doing good, for the betterment of our bodies and the planet."

Check out this gallery to see these mission-forward rebrands and some other notable new looks.

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