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This shelf-stable omelet bar will disrupt the bar category

Meet Scramblers, the pasture-raised omelet bar that redefines the concept of clean label, on-the-go nutrition.

Love the taste and nutritional benefits of omelets but don't have time before work to wrangle the ingredients together? Scramblers, a groundbreaking new bar that recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, is here to bridge the gap between eating eggs for breakfast and quick, convenient on-the-go protein. Made with ingredients such as pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed ghee, cheese, meat and veggies, this cooked, on-the-go omelet is primed to disrupt the crowded bar category.

Notably, the bar is shelf-stable. Yes, as in not refrigerated—a product attribute that was possible thanks to the folks at Chew Innovation, a food science firm. "The hardest part was settling on a process and recipe that would give us great taste, great shelf life and of course without artificial ingredients," says Matt Tolnick, founder and CEO of Scramblers who also happened to start Lawless Jerky.

"[My business partner] Dan Kaplan and I spent nearly a year working on different processes and formulations before realizing that this tall scientific task was beyond our culinary acumen. So we gave our most passionate pitch to Adam Melonas and the team at Chew, eventually got them aboard, and then spent the last 10 months working with them as we identified a path (of heavy resistance) but that would give us the absolute best tasting product possible."

View the Scramblers' Kickstarter campaign to learn more, and stay tuned to see this innovative bar take off. 

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